Happy Birthday To Me

Today is my 29th birthday. All things considered, I think I’m handling it well. I have a lot of things to do on my bucket list before I turn 30. Which means I am going to have a busy last year of my 20s.

I’m still very optimistic for my future. Once I remind myself that age is just a number and I’m not as far behind as I think I am in life, I’ll be ok.

I will say, I’m very thankful for my friends and family. My twenties have been a tumultuous and unnerving ride. I’ve been so confused…about everything. Business, life, women. Sometimes it seemed as if every corner I turned, there was another obstacle there, ready to kick me in the face. But no matter what, no matter how cynical, jaded, and upset I got, there was always someone there to cheer me up.  I know it’s tiring to be my friend. I’m neurotic,moody, and selfish.  But, despite this, I always know I’ll be loved. You have no idea how uplifting that is. Even when I can’t (or don’t) express my gratitude, please know that I’m always thinking it. I wouldn’t be where I am without everyone in my life (that’s meant to be a good thing 😉 )

So thank you for being a part of my life and all your birthday wishes.

If you’re in the LA area, please feel free to stop by the White Horse at 9pm  and share a drink with me. Facebook Invite