TalkAnything Interview with Rachael King


In this episode of TalkAnything, I had the pleasure of speaking with Rachael King. I met Rachael on Twitter years ago. We finally met about a year ago, as she was making the move to Los Angeles.

Her move to Los Angeles coincided with a new position at DogVacay, as its new Head of Communications. Rachael’s journey to DogVacay is a great one. It’s one that any young professionals in any industry can learn from. Rachael started at a job that has nothing to do with her current career. But she turned her hobbies into her career, and hustled to meet the right people. It’s a great lesson on career growth and how to use technology to network.

FYI: I used new microphones for this interview. The way it recorded, my voice is in your left ear and Rachael’s is in your right. My voice isn’t as loud as Rachael’s voice, but that’s ok. You want to hear what she has to say more than me 😉

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