TalkAnything Interview with Jean Arthur

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The TalkAnything podcast is back with Jean Arthur! Jean is a casting director in Los Angeles. She’s worked on nearly every type of project imaginable and seems to know everyone in LA.

I chat with Jean about her journey to LA, which started all the way on the east coast and how she became a casting director. If you’re an aspiring actor, you’ll want to tune in and tap into the mind of a successful casting director. She can give you the break you so desperately want. But being pushy doesn’t help, so take notes on how to navigate the relationship.

I loved chatting with Jean and think you’ll love her insights. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @JArthurCasting.

*I apologize if it’s difficult to hear me, but it’s a shared mic and I defer mic preference to the guest. That’s who you really want to hear.