Books I’m Reading

aziz-modern-romanceI like to read. But I don’t read a lot. Actually that’s not true. I consume a lot of media (I have a post coming up on how I sift through it all) but I don’t consider that reading. It’s a different kind of reading. I’m talking about books. Traditional books. I like to read books. But I don’t read as many books as I want (I do buy a lot of books).

Therefore, I’m going publicly write about the books I’m reading. Hopefully this will keep me accountable and in a few months (ideally less time than that) I’ll write a follow up post in the form of a review.

Last year I think I finished one book. That’s it. I bought a dozen books and started reading four other books, but only finished one. Pathetic.

We’re going to change that by talking about it.

What I’m Actively Reading

via Harper Collins

via Harper Collins

I’m currently reading two books. This means I’ve opened either book within the past ten days and have read more than 10 minutes. Yeah I know, that’s a low bar to set. But you have to start somewhere!

The Hard Thing About Hard Things

So far, this is a great book. It’s a business focused book written by entrepreneur turned venture capitalist Ben Horowitz. It’s a candid view of building a business and that actual horrors it entails. I’m 100 pages in and loving it.

Modern Romance

It seems like everyone I know is reading this book. It’s been recommended to me by a handful of close friends. I felt so highly about this book before reading it, I bought the hard copy.

Modern Romance is Aziz Ansari’s book about what dating is like in the modern world. It’s a unique blend of his humor and traditional sociological studies. I’m a fan of his stand up comedy, chronically single, and I was a sociology major (plus social psychology classes were my favorite). It’s only natural that I am drawn to this book. I’ve probably laughed at 70 of the 75 pages I’ve read.

Books In My Queue


Of the books I want to read, these are the books that I have at least picked up and read the first chapter. They’ve been pushed into the queue because of my stronger interest in the two books I’m currently reading, but my goal is to start actively read at least one of these books by Christmas.

Intelligent Investor – The bible of value investing, recommended by Warren Buffett, which is good enough for me.

Founders at Work – Written by a Y Combinator founder, Jessica Livingston, who interviewed some of the most famous tech entrepreneurs. The first story of Max Levchin was great. Looking forward to the rest.

Zero to One – This is the book by Peter Thiel, investor and entrepreneur. I bought this book twice. First as a Kindle book (my default book purchase) and then when I saw him speak and wanted his autograph. Actually I don’t care about his autograph, but I’d never met a billionaire before and I figured this was probably my best shot.

Collecting Dust, but Not Forgotten

These next books I want to read and gone so far as to purchase them. But I haven’t opened them yet. Whoops! Maybe I’ll crack one of these open by 2015, but it’s not likely.



Manias, Panics, and Crashes

The Art of War

Alright folks, let’s see how this experiment goes. I want to finish the two books I’m currently reading by the end of 2015 and I’d like to get another 50 pages finished of one of the books I have in my queue. I’ll update you in January.