5 Things

One of my favorite authors, James Altucher, published this graphic on his blog. In his list, he mentions Warren Buffett’s 5/25 Rule. The 5/25 Rule is pretty simple. Write down 25 things you want to do in life (or your career). Circle the top five and ignore the rest. Forever. Easier said than done. But […]

Writing in 2017

I’m currently recovering from some major jet lag, reflecting on my 2016 and what my goals for 2017 are. It’s very clear to me that time for personal writing took a back seat in 2016. This breaks my heart, since writing is something that I not only love, but find very useful. About 18 months […]

Never Do It For the Money

I’m back from my blogging hiatus. I’ve been thinking about what I want to write about on this blog. For years it’s been a theme-less journey. This blog has included real-life stories, lessons, experimental writing, and more. But the underlying desire I have to writing here is to learn from my mistakes. I often find a […]

Blogging Hiatus

I’m taking a quick break from blogging for a while. I’ve done a pretty good job the past year to blog once a week here. I’m proud of that fact. I do enjoy coming here to write. Like I mentioned a while ago, I write for me. That’s the real value of this blog. That […]

Dipping Your Toe In the Pool

  Dipping your toe into the pool. It’s always harder than it actually is. Think back to all the times you went swimming and you dipped your toe into the water, checking the temperature. The cold bite of the water made you yank your toe out. Afraid to go back in. But standing on the […]

Why The Poor Don’t Vote

Alright, I have a ton of writing to do, but I’ve been casually thinking about this topic, so I’m going to jot down a few ideas. I don’t think it’s really a novel idea, but when I did a quick search, I was surprised to see the top search results neglecting the reason why I […]

American Experience: Walt Disney

I don’t watch many documentaries on PBS, but when I do, they’re great. Last year I wrote a few posts about the David Geffen documentary. It’s still one of my favorites of all time. Just recently PBS aired this very long, but very telling story of Walt Disney. Walt Disney has always been known as […]

Books I’m Reading

I like to read. But I don’t read a lot. Actually that’s not true. I consume a lot of media (I have a post coming up on how I sift through it all) but I don’t consider that reading. It’s a different kind of reading. I’m talking about books. Traditional books. I like to read […]

TalkAnything Interview with Jean Arthur

The TalkAnything podcast is back with Jean Arthur! Jean is a casting director in Los Angeles. She’s worked on nearly every type of project imaginable and seems to know everyone in LA. I chat with Jean about her journey to LA, which started all the way on the east coast and how she became a […]

Why I Write

You can count the number of reliable BoumanBlog readers on both my hands. The number of blog subscribers I have is about equal to someone looking to cash in on Social Security. You’d think because I work in marketing, I’d care about that. But I don’t. I don’t worry about metrics here. The only thing I […]