Comedy Central Perfects Snapchat

  It’s no secret that I’m a fan of Snapchat. I’ve repeatedly written here, my extreme favor of the app. I think it’s brilliant and only getting better. The “Discover” feature was an underrated aspect of Snapchat for months. After they launched it, I would watch some of the channels, but I quickly lost interest. […]

My Experimental Facebook Break

On September 12, 2012, I took a voluntary hiatus from my Facebook profile. It’s the first Facebook break I’ve taken since I joined the social network in December 2004.  I’ve been on Facebook nearly everyday since I joined. That’s almost eight years of doing the same thing every day. Facebook is my longest relationship and […]

What Will It Take to Bring Down Linkedin?

I was having lunch the other week with a colleague and discussion inevitably turned to hypothetical business ideas (This is common if you’ve ever had lunch with me). His deep desire is to build a Linkedin competitor because he feels that Linkedin is flawed. He’s not alone. I’ve spoken to many different people who lament […]

What Apps Do I Use Everyday?

I download a lot of apps on my iPhone. I download them for various reasons. Some because they’re the hot app, others on the recommendation of friends, and others I just like to study the UX/UI. I have hundreds of apps on my phone but I only use a handful of them on a daily […]

Is Design Overrated?

For ages, students drowning in a sea of high school banality opted to stand out by making their appearance more memorable and elaborate.  Web design, the visceral layer of the internet, is much like your high school classmate.  New startups and old companies alike are revamping their online look.  The design of their products and […]

What Does the Linkedin IPO Mean?

The biggest news in the technology industry has been Linkedin went public today.  Everyone and their mother have been talking/writing about it.  Therefore, I am going to give you my two cents. Linkedin’s initial offering price of $45 was far below what their stock actually traded for.  It went as high as $122.70 and settled […]

Case Study – Naughty Monkey

Situation A trendy women’s footwear brand, Naughty Monkey launched in 2004 and quickly gained popularity. Sold nationwide and featured in popular magazines like Glamour and Marie Claire, Naughty Monkey was successful but wanted to expand their reach – and when the brand missed out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to generate serious PR buzz, it realized it […]

Blogging Absence

I apologize to everyone for my long, unexpected hiatus from blogging.  I’ve been working on several different matters that have consumed a great deal of my time.  At some point I’ll share these with you.  One of the items on my list has been reading up on social psychology, consumer behavior, and attempting to hypothesise […]

Think of Your Social Media Like Dating

There are still plenty of companies and individuals who still don’t quite grasp the concept of social media and how they should use it.  Let me break it down into an easy to digest analogy that we can all relate to…dating and long term relationships. The first step is you have to make yourself look […]