Never Do It For the Money

I’m back from my blogging hiatus. I’ve been thinking about what I want to write about on this blog. For years it’s been a theme-less journey. This blog has included real-life stories, lessons, experimental writing, and more. But the underlying desire I have to writing here is to learn from my mistakes. I often find a […]

Patience and Timing Is Everything

Timing is everything. Being patient is difficult. Our entire lives, we chase something that we can’t have. In our childhood it was a later bedtime. In our teens it was drinking alcohol. And now as adults, we are still chasing. Love, professional satisfaction, and overall happiness are the usual suspects.  I believe that everything happens […]

Something To Chew On

So I had coffee with a technologist the other day. We eventually  discussed the social software that I’m working on. He offered up some really simple advice that completely changes the way I’m thinking about this product. He said, “Solving social problems with technology is very difficult. Because everyone has different workflows, finding a uniform […]