My Experimental Facebook Break

On September 12, 2012, I took a voluntary hiatus from my Facebook profile. It’s the first Facebook break I’ve taken since I joined the social network in December 2004.  I’ve been on Facebook nearly everyday since I joined. That’s almost eight years of doing the same thing every day. Facebook is my longest relationship and […]

What Apps Do I Use Everyday?

I download a lot of apps on my iPhone. I download them for various reasons. Some because they’re the hot app, others on the recommendation of friends, and others I just like to study the UX/UI. I have hundreds of apps on my phone but I only use a handful of them on a daily […]

Which Social Network Will Be Most Challenged by Google+ ?

*I originally wrote and posted this on Demeter Interactive’s blog. Google+ is sweeping the Internet. In just a few short weeks Google+ has more than 10 million users. That’s pretty quick traction for a social network. With another social network added to the deck and the same limited hours in a day, the question remains, […]

Case Study – Naughty Monkey

Situation A trendy women’s footwear brand, Naughty Monkey launched in 2004 and quickly gained popularity. Sold nationwide and featured in popular magazines like Glamour and Marie Claire, Naughty Monkey was successful but wanted to expand their reach – and when the brand missed out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to generate serious PR buzz, it realized it […]

Think of Your Social Media Like Dating

There are still plenty of companies and individuals who still don’t quite grasp the concept of social media and how they should use it.  Let me break it down into an easy to digest analogy that we can all relate to…dating and long term relationships. The first step is you have to make yourself look […]

What’s Going On at Facebook? Part II

Many people are questioning what is going on behind closed doors at Facebook. I touched on several of the burning questions with Facebook last Thursday, but the real question is, “What next?” Speculation points to the fact that Mr. Yu lost his job because he failed to secure much needed funding during a recent trip […]

What is Going on at Facebook?

Just a few days ago Facebook forced out there CFO Gideon Yu. Amid his dismissal was a litany of questions within the tech community. This was Facebook’s third CFO in two years and the news comes on the heels of their VP of Business Development departing. Now the question everyone is asking, “What is going […]

New Facebook Flaw?

Facebook has been a social networking giant in recent years. Born from Mark Zuckerberg’s dorm room at Harvard, Facebook now has over 132 million unique users each month. The company’s value has been set at $15 billion by Microsoft. The site has had positive growth since it’s conception and is the ‘It’ company in Silicon […]