TalkAnything Interview with Jean Arthur

The TalkAnything podcast is back with Jean Arthur! Jean is a casting director in Los Angeles. She’s worked on nearly every type of project imaginable and seems to know everyone in LA. I chat with Jean about her journey to LA, which started all the way on the east coast and how she became a […]

Everything Beginners Need to Know About Podcast Microphones

I’ve been podcasting for about a few months now. What started as a casual hobby, has quickly turned into something I’m much more excited about. So much so, I’v been investing more into my podcast’s sound technology. I started with my standard Apple headphones and I’ve progressed with each new podcast. The other day I […]

TalkAnything – Interview with Gerald Tang

After a lengthy three week hiatus, the TalkAnything podcast is back! This week I’m chatting with my friend, Gerald Tang. I met Gerald when we shared a Hermosa Beach duplex back in 2009-2010. He was a part of my first friend group in LA. We enjoyed many enjoyable evenings as neighbors, often supremely drunk. It’s […]

TalkAnything – Interview with Justin Alexio

The TalkAnything is back after a holiday hiatus. My first guest of the new year is Justin Alexio. Justin is a stand up comedian in LA and another buddy from dodgeball. Justin is a really interesting character. This interview was different than what I originally planned. I tried to hit as many talking points as […]