Dipping Your Toe In the Pool

  Dipping your toe into the pool. It’s always harder than it actually is. Think back to all the times you went swimming and you dipped your toe into the water, checking the temperature. The cold bite of the water made you yank your toe out. Afraid to go back in. But standing on the […]

Be Happier By Removing Logic

Logic. What a son of a bitch. Normally, logic is what guides us to make good decisions. It’s logical to cross the road when no cars are coming. It’s logical not to put your hand on the hot stove. Logic keeps us safe and it’s difficult to argue against it. But logic doesn’t always steer […]

Good Bye To My Twenties

I recently published my first post on the new publishing site, Medium. It’ being built by Ev Williams, the founder of Blogger and Twitter. The fact that I was able to get early beta access was a thrill to me. I’ve enjoyed reading the articles on the site thus far, so having the opportunity to […]