TalkAnything Interview with Jean Arthur

The TalkAnything podcast is back with Jean Arthur! Jean is a casting director in Los Angeles. She’s worked on nearly every type of project imaginable and seems to know everyone in LA. I chat with Jean about her journey to LA, which started all the way on the east coast and how she became a […]

TalkAnything Interview with Bryan Wilkerson

Whoa, it’s been a while! The TalkAnything.FM podcast is back in business. I’ve had this interview in my back pocket for weeks. I finally found the time to edit and get it up (sorry for the delay Bryan!). Bryan Wilkerson is currently a production coordinator by day and indie film producer by night. He has […]

TalkAnything – Interview with Joe Cannon

Alright, the TalkAnything podcast is back. This week I’m talking with my buddy Joe Cannon. Joe is the Director of Marketing at Sports Studio. He probably has one of the coolest jobs you’ve never heard of. He outfits commercials, TV shows, and movies, with any sports apparel you see. Joe and I have a great discussion […]

TalkAnything – Interview with Gerald Tang

After a lengthy three week hiatus, the TalkAnything podcast is back! This week I’m chatting with my friend, Gerald Tang. I met Gerald when we shared a Hermosa Beach duplex back in 2009-2010. He was a part of my first friend group in LA. We enjoyed many enjoyable evenings as neighbors, often supremely drunk. It’s […]

TalkAnything – Interview with Josh Trujillo

This week I’m chatting with Josh Trujillo, an accomplished comic book author. Josh is the author of Love Machines. Josh and I discuss when he discovered he had a passion for story telling, how that lead to him getting into the comic book business, and the challenges he faces building his brand. You can support […]

TalkAnything – Interview with Jon Weinberg

Here’s the fifth episode of the TalkAnything podcast, I talk with Jon Weinberg. Jon is an actor, producer, and director. Jon is my first guest with this new microphone set up. I bought two dynamic mics so that the sound from myself and guest is similar. Unfortunately, I’m still figuring out to set everything up, so it’s still […]

My Plans for 2015

In my last post of 2014, I stated that it was a good year, but it wasn’t a great year. It was a year of rebuilding, getting my bearings straight again. But this year, 2015, I have my eyes set on lofty goals. I’m confident I’m much better positioned to achieve these goals after 2014. My […]